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International Leaders

“The Trust for the Meditation Process embodies and promotes deep insight into the contemporary direction of social change. Its support of groups which give guidance into spiritual experience, not just spiritual talk, makes it a leader in its field.”

Laurence Freeman OSB
World Community for Christian Meditation, London England

“The Trust has been a Godsend for small beginning movements which teach the method of Centering Prayer. I am grateful to the Trust for their unfailing support over the years, which has enabled our organization, Contemplative Outreach, to grow.”

Thomas Keating OSCO
Contemplative Outreach, Butler NJ


Program Directors

“Something holy and sacred happens when people of many backgrounds practice contemplative prayer together. Dialogue begins. Barriers are broken. With the Trust’s help, old prejudices are dropped and people experience each other as fellow journeyers on a spiritual path.”

Pat Hendricks
Christos Center for Spiritual Formation, Lino Lakes MN

“We have literally left the juvenile correction facility broken hearted after listening to these young men. Yet often someone who most expresses hopelessness and fatalism also connects most deeply to meditation. The same youth, who one moment predicts his future life sentence in prison, the next moment describes how, until meditating, he had never experienced a sense of peace before. The Trust helped make this possible.”

Fleet Maull and Katherine Cassavechia
Prison Dharma Network, Boulder CO

“The Trust helped us create a place for meditation in the center of the city, for people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Strengthened by their prayer, these people are putting the fruits of their prayer to work for a happier, more just world.”

Mary White OSB
Benedictine Meditation Center, St. Paul MN


Program Participants

“The leadership in Contemplative Practice retreat was an immersion in authentic Christian spiritual practice.  I underline the word authentic.”

The Rev. Jim Andrews
Vancouver, BC

“As a Hatha Yoga teacher who works with a largely Christian population, the deep Centering Prayer experience allows me to convey a way of meditation that fits seamlessly with the physical mindfulness of yoga.”

Kim Beyer Nelson
Lincoln, NE

“The spiritual life has many twists and turns, ups and downs. But this opportunity for silence dared my heart to open up.”

Marchele McEntyre
Steamboat Springs, CO

“It is wonderful and exciting to find a practice from my own tradition and to be (finally) on a spiritual path I had despaired of ever finding.”

Barbara Callohan
Woodstock, NY